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Joshua's voice has always been his own. Not merely in his vocals, but also (and most notably) his lyrical expression.


And at 30,000 feet, Joshua’s first full-length album, ALL YE LEPERS, is both an act of confession and glorification, and the exploration of how they are wed.


The new songs reach fresh heights and depths, as he responds to the goodness of Christ across the spectrum of human experience—life and death, joy and sorrow, expectation and waiting.  All with poetic determination and unflinching honesty. Intricate and fertile lyrics, woven through a rich and diverse sonic tapestry. 


This is art as a catalyst for adoration.

Leventhal is American-born, Canadian-raised. He is married to a fellow creative, the love of his life—Kaitlyn Rose, who is a full-time abstract painter. He is currently based outside of Vancouver, BC, and is the Director of Worship at Main Street Church in Chilliwack.

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